10 Luxury Bathroom Features to Include in Your Next Remodel


Your bathroom should be an oasis from the rest of the world and the place where you go to retreat from it all. Is it time to remodel yours and turn it into the space of your dreams? 

As you look for inspiration, think about luxury features that truly take this room up a notch. Today, we’re sharing 10 can’t-miss additions that are sure to elevate any style.


1. Freestanding Soaker Tub

If the 1990s were all about the garden tub, we’ve definitely entered into the era of the freestanding model. These tubs are ultra-sleek, gorgeously modern, and surprisingly spacious. 

While porcelain or acrylic models are a little easier to find and won’t cost quite as much, consider upgrading to a more durable material. Copper, cast iron, or brass tubs will give depth and visual interest to the room, but their benefits extend past aesthetics.

These metals are also known to retain heat. This means your bath water will stay hotter for longer. So grab your favorite magazine, pour a glass of wine, and plan to soak for a while.


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2. Heated Floors

We’ve all been there. You’ve been standing under the luxuriously hot shower for a while, and you’re completely clean. It’s time to get out, and your towel is nearby.

The only problem? You know that as soon as your warm feet hit the cold tile, that relaxation will come to a stark stop. You’ll turn from toasty warm to ice-cold, and reality will hit. 

For years, heated floors were a feature that seemed to be reserved mostly for celebrities and the wealthy. Now, however, they’re much more accessible and affordable. If you’re already planning to rip up your old and outdated tub or shower, talk to your remodeling contractor about exploring this option. This a great feature we add to many Michael James Remodeling bathroom projects.

Electric radiant heat systems designed specifically for stone and tile floors. When there’s comforting heat underfoot, you’ll never hesitate to grab your towel again. 



3. Fireplace

Sometimes, your bathroom is strictly utilitarian. You brush your teeth, get ready in the morning, and wash your face at night. 

Other times, it becomes a haven. You turn down the lights, turn on your favorite music, and let the stress of the day float away with the bubbles. When you’re in the mood to really relax, you’ll wish that you had a beautiful fireplace to add the right ambiance. 

In addition to turning it on while you bathe, you can also sit near it as you dry off to enhance the effects of your steam shower or sauna. Place a comfortable chair or chaise lounge beside it, and take your after-bath experience to new heights. 

If space allows, you can choose to install a traditional, wall-mounted fireplace with a hearth and surround. Or, consider installing one at the end of your drop-in bathtub. This way, you can sit and enjoy the flickering flames from the best seat in the house!

4. Heated Towel Bar

Not only do these bars keep your towels cozy and warm while you bathe, but you can also find ones that enhance the space visually, as well. To make sure this is the case, replace the traditional white or chrome towel warmers in favor of more bars, rails, or rings in various metals, such as metallic gold or brass. 

You can also find designs that go against the standard ladder shape that so many towel bars tend to take. Look for unique ones that incorporate geometric designs, including circles and curves. 

5. Steam Shower

Tearing out your existing tub? Before you replace it with a newer, similar model, think about expanding the footprint of your current shower. 

You might find that you have enough space to create a dedicated steam shower.

This is a basic shower, turned up a few notches. Fully loaded steam showers come equipped with massaging jets, multiple showerheads, and even built-in audio systems.

6. Flat-Screen Television

Once you have a television in your bathroom, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it. 

While some would argue that this should be a technology-free zone, they’ve obviously never experienced the pleasure of catching their favorite show while up to their chin in bubbles. 

Yet, don’t just buy a small, kitchen-sized television and prop it up on your countertop. This leaves wires dangling, which is a tremendous safety hazard. Instead, talk to your contractor about integrating a television space into a built-in shelving unit. 

They can help you choose a safe and convenient location that won’t pose a shock risk but won’t make you strain your neck, either. If you have the room, consider creating a dedicated “chill zone” within your bathroom, away from your tub or shower. 

Add an overstuffed armchair or small settee, a cozy rug, and your television. You’ll never want to leave!

7. Infrared Sauna

Scientists have long touted the health benefits of spending time in a sauna. When you go to a spa or gym, you’ll usually sit in a traditional, high-heat sauna. 

When you emerge after your session, you undoubtedly feel incredible. Your muscles are rested and relaxed, your stress feels melted away, and you may even sleep better that night. 

With an infrared sauna, you’ll get all of those perks, and more, without the sky-high temperatures. Unlike traditional saunas, infrared models don’t heat the air around you. Rather, they use built-in infrared panels to warm your body up first, and then the air. 

While most saunas must operate between 150 degrees Fahrenheit and 180 degrees Fahrenheit, infrared saunas don’t get nearly as hot. Temperatures usually hover between 120 degrees Fahrenheit and 180 degrees Fahrenheit. However, around 80% of that heat directly heats your body, and only 20% escapes into the air. 

The result? A more tolerable experience that will ultimately deliver a deeper sweat session. 

By incorporating a sauna into your luxury bathroom, you can experience the therapeutic benefits of infrared heat any time you want! If square footage won’t allow it inside your home, think about adding a standalone outdoor model. 

8. High-Tech Tubs

A great bath should indulge all of your senses. This is why we love to set the scene with softly scented soaps, relaxing playlists, our favorite candles, and even a piece of chocolate or two. 

While the latest bathtubs can’t exactly feed you a Hershey Bar, they come pretty close. Today, you can find smart models with integrated voice assistant technology that caters to your every command. 

Just speak the word, and these tubs can come alive with colorful water lights, fog generators, and even customizable aromas. There’s even technology that will allow you to control exactly how your bathtub should fill up, heat, and drain, so you never have to lift a finger. Talk to your contractor about models that would fit your space, and the special features you think you’ll use the most. 

9. Ensuite Bar

Many people love to enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea in the morning. Likewise, you might want to wind down with a cocktail or a cold soda in the evening. Instead of trekking all the way to the kitchen, what if you could create these libations right from your bathroom?

Consider creating a dedicated bar space within your bathroom, where all of your essentials are never too far from reach. The setup doesn’t have to be extensive, but even a small coffee station or a wine cooler can make the space feel reminiscent of your favorite five-star hotel. 

10. Designated Water Closet

Nothing takes away from a high-end bathroom like a toilet sitting square in the middle of it. Sometimes, your room layout and space restrictions will require this setup and there’s simply no way around it. 

However, if you have even a little bit of space, it’s worth looking into the feasibility of building a separate water closet.

In short, this is a room that separates your toilet from the rest of the bathroom. It enhances the privacy of your space and helps it look more attractive.

Most water closets are relatively small and don’t exceed the size of a standard closet. However, you can make them look and feel bigger by using sleek fixtures, such as brass hardware and an opulent mirror. For an even more regal touch, consider adding a bidet in this space, or installing a hybrid toilet/bidet system. 

Make sure to add a door for privacy and a robust exhaust fan for obvious reasons!



Get Your Bathroom Remodel Right

You’re only a few steps away from turning your dream bathroom vision into a stunning reality. A successful remodel can breathe new life into the space and help it become what you always knew it could be. 

Contact Michael James Remodeling today to learn more about our remodeling services and what we can do for you.

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No More Cold Feet

Of course, one of the biggest benefits of a radiant tile floor is that you won’t have any more cold feet when you get out of your shower. There are few things more unpleasant than stepping out of a nice warm shower onto a freezing tile floor. This can be especially bad in the wintertime, when cold feet can become agony.

Heated tile floors will keep your toes nice and toasty when you get out of the shower and during those early morning chills. Best of all, studies have shown that keeping your feet warm can play an important role in regulating your overall body temperature. A heated tile floor can make your overall bathroom experience more comfortable simply by warming up your toes.

Fewer Microbes

Most people who don’t have heated tile floors cope with that chilly tile by putting down bath mats. This helps to keep water off the floor, which can eliminate slipping hazards, and it provides a barrier between your feet and the cold floor. The problem is that these bath mats can become a breeding ground for microbes.

Mold, mildew, and other microbes love environments that are warm and damp, and bath mats make the perfect environment for them. Depending on how often you wash your bath mat, you could be stepping out of your shower onto a thriving colony of germs. Because heated floors eliminate the need for bath mats, they could make your bathroom more hygienic.

Fewer Allergens

If you struggle with allergies or asthma, forced air systems could cause you a lot of problems. These systems heat your house by blowing warm air into the room through vents in the floor or ceiling. The problem is that this blast of air can kick up dust and allergens, not to mention providing a system of ducts for all these allergens to collect in.

Radiant heating doesn’t blow dust or allergens around, and it can do much more than just warm up your feet. In fact, a radiant heat system can warm up your bathroom by as much as five degrees without any forced air assistance. Using these systems can reduce the amount you have to use your forced air system, keeping your allergies and asthma at a minimum.

More Uniform Heating

One of the other major downsides of a forced-air heating system is that they tend to heat rooms unevenly. We’ve all experienced times when we were sitting under a vent that was blasting hot or cold air on us. We were uncomfortable, but the people on the other side of the room might feel perfectly fine.

Radiant heating systems can help to eliminate these cold spots in your bathroom. The mesh or tubing is distributed evenly throughout the floor, meaning every area will get the same gentle warmth. As you move through your bathroom, you’ll stay at the same perfect level of comfort, rather than sweating in one spot and freezing in another.

Greater Energy Efficiency

Now at this point, you may be thinking that offsetting forced air systems with radiant heat is fine and good, but what will it cost? Although you will be able to use your forced air system less, you will have to pay for the extra electricity or gas to heat that system. The good news is that you could actually save money on your utility bills by using a radiant heat system.

Radiant heat systems tend to be more energy-efficient than forced-air systems thanks to their design. Heat rises, so radiant heat systems have to put off less heat to get the room to a comfortable temperature than forced air systems with ceiling vents do. They can also cycle on and off without involving a heat pump and compressor, saving you money and keeping you more comfortable.

No Wasted Space

One of the biggest struggles with adding extra heating systems to your bathroom design is figuring out where to put the components. If you have floor vents, you have to arrange your furniture so those aren’t blocked. And if you’re using space heaters, you wind up with unattractive units hanging on your walls or sitting on your floors, taking up space.

Radiant heat systems are completely invisible and don’t take up any extra space in your home. Because they live under the floors, they blend in seamlessly with your layout. You can get the extra comfort you need without having to work around an unwieldy heating system.

It is important to note that if you decide to use a hydronic radiant heat system, you will have to find someplace to put the water heater for that system.

No Extra Noise

When you walk into your bathroom, you want it to be a relaxing, spa-like experience. This should be someplace you can breathe and unwind, escaping from the noise and demands of the outside world. Unfortunately, that can be a little hard to pull off if you’re listening to the buzz and whoosh of a forced-air heating system.

Other heating systems can be annoyingly noisy, but radiant heating systems are completely silent. In particular, electric systems make no noise, heating your floors without a whisper of extra sound. You can relax in the oasis that is your bathroom without having to tune out extra noise.


If you’ve ever lived with another person, you know that we all have different preferences when it comes to comfortable temperatures. You may like things toasty warm, while your partner may swelter in those temperatures. Heated bathroom flooring can eliminate fights over the thermostat, since they’re completely customizable.

Your radiant heat system will come with a thermostat that you can set to whatever temperature range is comfortable for you. As we’ll discuss more in a moment, you can even set schedules so the system heats to a different temperature depending on when you and your partner each get ready. And don’t worry – these systems never get hot enough to burn even the most sensitive toes.

Scheduling Features

As with any heating system, radiant heating systems take time to warm up. So it may seem pointless to have one of these systems if you’re still going to have to walk on a freezing floor while you wait for it to warm up. But these system designers aren’t about to let you live with cold feet every morning.

Heated tile floor controls usually come with a scheduling feature that allows you to program when you want your system to kick on. If you have to get up at 7 in the morning and you know your system takes about fifteen minutes to heat up, you can set it to turn on at 6:45. Your floors will be heated to perfection by the time you’re ready to get out of bed in the morning.

No Maintenance

One of the best things about installing a radiant heat system is that you’ll never have to do any maintenance on it. Because these systems live under tile floors, they aren’t exactly accessible. This means that designers create them to last for a lifetime without any ongoing maintenance needs.

Once again, hydronic heating systems can be a little different in this regard. The boiler that heats the water for your system may need attention from time to time, although this is rare. But for the most part, these systems are set it and forget it, providing ongoing comfort in your space for the duration of their life.

Improved Home Value

When you’re doing a bathroom remodel, one of the factors you need to think about is how it will impact the resale value of your home. You want to create something that you will enjoy, but also something that will get you more money when it comes time to sell your house. In general, bathrooms and kitchens tend to bring the most extra resale value to homes, especially when they’re luxurious.

Heated flooring says to a buyer that your home is built for luxury and comfort. When you list your home, adding that feature to your description could get you more viewings and even a higher sale price. These systems may well pay for themselves thanks to their extra energy efficiency and the value they bring to your home.

Discover the Joys of Heated Tile Floors

Heated tile floors are a fantastic way to make your bathroom more comfortable all year round. They can provide a more even heat and may even reduce the amount of allergens and microbes in your bathroom. They can also save you money on utility bills and improve your home value, paying for themselves in the long run.

If you’d like to discover the joys of heated tile floors for yourself, check out the rest of our site at Michael James Remodeling. We are here to bring your vision of your dream home to life in your kitchen, bathroom, basement, and more. Chat with us today and discover what to expect when you experience renovation the Michael James way.


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