Redefining Renovation

We understand the challenges and frustrations involved in finding a remodeling contractor you can trust.

The michael James way

The Michael James Way

“Our goal is to transform the renovation experience from one of stress and anxiety to one of excitement and enjoyment.”

—Michael James


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What Make Michael James Remodeling Different?

Quality and Communication Every Step Of The Way

Relax. Count on clear communication throughout the design, construction, and even post-construction phases. We go out of our way to make sure everyone stays well-informed, especially you, our client! From our very first meeting, we listen carefully to your wants and needs. From budgeting, planning, and design, all the way to long after the your project is completed, our goal is to make sure the entire remodeling process goes as smoothly as possible so that you not only love your new remodeled home, but you also enjoy the experience!

Bringing Your Vision To Life

Working with Michael James Remodeling means that you’ve chosen the most seamless approach to tackling a remodeling project: design-build. Having the best remodeling contractor, construction crew, design service, and architect, together on the same team allows you to focus on the creative aspects of the project, while we take care of the details. Together we listen and work with you to create the space that meets your needs for function, flow, and beauty while working within your budget.

Clean, Safe and Stress-Free

Renovating can be a dusty and dirty process. But, the last thing you want to do is clean up after the crew every day. We go to great lengths to minimize the impact we have on the rest of your living space through the use of plastic sheeting, zippered enclosures, protective floor coverings, shoe covers, safe work practices, and both periodic and daily clean-ups.

Relationships and Follow-Up

After the contract is paid and the construction is complete, that’s not the last you’ll hear from us.  Once you’ve had an opportunity to live in your new space, when most companies are long-gone, we’ll check-in and follow-up. It is important for us to make sure you are 100% happy with your renovation, so that we can become your remodeling contractor for all your future needs—one that you’ll confidently recommend to your friends.

“I’ve been through remodels before, but Michael and his guys were so different in that they would clean up every night. They would do a clean sweep of the entire work area and even hose down the driveway. I appreciated the fact that Michael recognized that we lived here too and he was here to make sure that our home was as livable and safe as possible.”

Brian and Connie Hood

The quality of Michael’s work is so good. He has a great eye. He’s easy to work with. I’ve lived in the house through several remodeling projects with Michael and his guys are always so tidy, clean, and non-intrusive. I never worried about a thing.

Beth Bell

The Michael James Way to A Perfect Remodel

— Our Process —


Start your journey by exploring and dreaming about what you would love your home to become. We encourage you to save magazine clippings and use internet resources like Pinterest and Houzz to get an idea of both the possibilities and what styles and colors you prefer. Save all your best ideas so you can refer to them later and share them with your remodeling contractor. 

Dig A Little Deeper

Make a list of everything you like and dislike about your current space(s). What type of project(s) are you considering?  Think about how you plan to use your space, what features and functionality you would like to include, any changes you would like to make to the space layout, and the finish level. 


Determine Your Target Investment

Now that you have a better idea of what you would like from your remodeling project, visit both the Cost vs Value website and our remodeling cost page to get a rough idea of what you should expect to spend. It is important not to underestimate what you think your remodeling project might cost. Very often, clients decide to spend 10-15% more than the initial estimate as they choose upgrades to various elements of the project. We suggest keeping this in mind when determining your budget.


Research Remodeling Companies

Talk with friends and neighbors, search the internet for remodeling company websites, and read reviews to narrow the list of contractors you may want to partner with. Talk with various contractors, get estimates where you can, and note what you like and don’t like about your experience and impressions of each. Ensure the companies on your shortlist have a valid license with the Secretary of State and are adequately insured.


Now Let’s Talk!  

Use our contact form or give us a call to set up a no-charge initial consultation. The initial consultation may take place over the phone, via Zoom / video call, or in person at our Gainesville office—whatever works best for you. During our initial meeting, we’ll want to learn about your project including both your wants and needs. We will also talk about the type of contractor you’re looking to hire. We understand that we’re not always the right fit for everyone and there are no hard feelings. Let’s talk about it and find out together.

If you decide we might be a right for each other, based on the information you’ve given us, we’ll give you a better idea of what your project is likely to cost and discuss scheduling the initial site visit.


Initial Site Visit

Because of the time and effort that goes into the initial site visit and estimating process, we do charge a site visit fee of $465 that will be returned to you as a credit should you choose Michael James Remodeling to complete your project.  We understand that many other contractors provide this service for free and if everyone charged for their estimates it could become rather costly to get multiple bids for your project. This is why part of our process is to meet with you in our office, via Zoom, or over the phone before the initial site visit to make sure we’re a potential right fit for you and your project. When you agree to the initial site visit, we will send you a link to allow you to pay the initial fee. Once paid, we will schedule your visit. 

During our initial site visit, we will spend approximately an hour getting familiar with your space and getting to know each other better.  We will listen to what you have in mind, give some advice, and talk through your goals, desires, and any fears you may have regarding the project. We will answer any questions you may have and discuss the feasibility of your target investment bringing it into clearer view. 

Next Steps 

There are 3 possible outcomes from the initial site visit:

  1. We move forward with a fee-based Design & Selection Phase.
  1. If a design phase is not required, we deliver a project proposal for signature. 
  1. We agree we are not the right fit for your project.

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