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"Bathrooms and kitchens sell houses," and it's no secret why. An updated, spa-inspired luxury bathroom doesn't just elevate your home's value; it transforms your everyday routine into a personalized, functional retreat. Whether prepping for the day or unwinding in your private sanctuary, a master bath remodel is an investment in both your home's worth and your well-being.

Our team is here to navigate you through every step—from space planning to selecting luxurious amenities like glass shower enclosures, custom tile work, or spa tubs. Let’s bring your dream bathroom to life.

Bathroom Design & Remodels

In planning your bathroom remodel, thoughtful consideration of style and function is key. our team of designers helps navigate through options, from space-efficient designs to luxury elements. Whether you desire a couple's retreat or a spa-like haven, we guide you from vision to reality. Choose from sleek showers, custom tiles, or spa tubs. We're dedicated to crafting your dream bathroom, attentive to every preference and detail.

Bathroom Remodel Costs

Modern kitchen with white cabinetry, marble countertops, and stainless steel appliances
Rustic open shelving in kitchen with blue dishware and marble countertop

How Much Does it cost to
remodel a Bathroom?

A luxury bathroom remodel can range broadly in cost, typically from $25,000 to over $100,000. This variance is influenced by the bathroom size, location, and chosen luxury elements. High-end features like designer lighting, sophisticated hardware, and premium finishes such as natural stone significantly impact the price. Additionally, custom elements like steam showers, smart toilets, and freestanding tubs, along with luxurious touches like bespoke vanities and artistic installations, contribute to the higher cost spectrum.

What is the ROI of a Bathroom

The ROI for a luxury bathroom remodel typically ranges between 40% to 60%. While these returns are generally lower than those for mid-range bathroom renovations, they significantly enhance the property's appeal and luxury quotient, which can be crucial in high-end real estate markets.

The value of a luxury bathroom remodel is not solely financial; it also lies in the enhanced daily experience and aesthetic appeal it brings to a home. Strategic choices in layout, timeless design, and high-quality materials can maximize both the financial ROI and the personal enjoyment of the space.

What Our Customers Say


Michael James and his team are extremely Professional in every way from returning phone calls promptly to removing their shoes inside the house and wearing masks, to cleaning up behind themselves. Michael James takes a keen interest in these clients and strives to give them the best possible outcome in terms of both value and service. Michael James Remodeling will be my “go-to” contractor for all my future home improvement projects!

Teresa Dudis


Michael James did a great job installing a completely new kitchen in our downstairs area. Excellent service and workmanship. I can’t thank them enough!

John Adams


Michael James and his guys have completed several small projects for us. He has a unique ability to interpret the dream of his client and produce a unique way to accomplish the same. An amazing component of work is that at the completion of every day on the job, they leave the workspace and surrounding area spotless. Michael is thoughtful, professional, and highly creative. he is the best I have encountered in his field. And above all, he is a wonderful person.

Jock Horner


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