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Cornelia, GA, nestled at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, is a town rich in history, natural beauty, and community spirit. It is home to the iconic Big Red Apple Monument, symbolizing the area's agricultural heritage and welcoming nature. Cornelia's residents enjoy a life that blends the tranquility of mountain living with the convenience of modern amenities. The town's picturesque landscapes, historic downtown, and friendly atmosphere make it a delightful place to call home. Michael James Remodeling is attuned to the unique qualities of Cornelia and offers comprehensive home remodeling services designed to enhance the living experience of its residents. From modernizing kitchens and bathrooms to creating open, inviting living spaces, our expertise lies in our ability to adapt our projects to suit the lifestyle and preferences of Cornelia’s community. We pride ourselves on crafting homes that not only meet the functional needs of modern living but also capture the essence of Cornelia's charm and character.

In Cornelia, GA, the beauty of the surrounding mountains and the warmth of the community are integral to the town's identity. Michael James Remodeling strives to ensure that each home renovation project we undertake reflects this harmony between nature and community. Whether it's incorporating natural materials that echo the local landscape, designing outdoor living spaces that celebrate the beauty of the Appalachian setting, or revitalizing historic homes to preserve their charm while updating them for today’s needs, our focus is on creating spaces that are truly bespoke. With a commitment to craftsmanship, attention to detail, and a deep respect for Cornelia’s heritage, Michael James Remodeling is your partner in transforming your home into a sanctuary that enhances your quality of life and deepens your connection to this special town. Let us help you make your home a perfect complement to the scenic beauty and communal spirit of Cornelia, GA.

Home Renovation Services Cornelia County


Home Remodeling

Transform your entire home with our home remodeling service, seamlessly blending aesthetics with functionality for a fresh, modern look that complements your lifestyle.

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Kitchen Remodeling

Revamp your kitchen with our custom remodeling solutions, featuring innovative designs and high-quality materials to create a functional, stylish culinary space.

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Bathroom Remodeling

Elevate your bathroom with our custom designs, featuring luxurious fixtures, tailored storage, and finishes that transform your space into a personal retreat.

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Basement Remodeling

Unlock your basement's potential with our remodeling service, creating functional spaces for entertainment, work, or leisure tailored to your lifestyle.

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Decks and Exteriors

Create your outdoor oasis with our deck and exterior services, designed for durability, beauty, and seamless integration with your home's landscape.

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Our room additions service seamlessly expands your home's space, custom-designed to fit your evolving needs and perfectly blend with your existing layout.

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Michael James and his team are extremely Professional in every way from returning phone calls promptly to removing their shoes inside the house and wearing masks, to cleaning up behind themselves. Michael James takes a keen interest in these clients and strives to give them the best possible outcome in terms of both value and service. Michael James Remodeling will be my “go-to” contractor for all my future home improvement projects!

Teresa Dudis


Michael James did a great job installing a completely new kitchen in our downstairs area. Excellent service and workmanship. I can’t thank them enough!

John Adams


Michael James and his guys have completed several small projects for us. He has a unique ability to interpret the dream of his client and the produce a unique way to accomplish the same. An amazing component of work is that at the completion of every day on the job, they leave the workspace and surrounding area spotless. Michael is thoughtful, professional, highly creative. he is the best I have encountered in his field. And above all, he is wonderful person.

Jock Horner

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